Kerala PSC Fireman Job Profile 2023?

Kerala PSC Fireman Job Profile

Kerala PSC Fireman Job Profile: Hello friends, welcome to this article, friends, in the current time, getting a government job in this time is like meeting God, everyone’s dream is to get a government job, because in a government job, you have many other facilities. It is given that it gives a lot of convenience to the people.

There are lots of people who are taking online application for Fireman in Fire and Rescue Services Department of Kerala Public Service Commission i.e. PSC and all the candidates who want to do job are taking advantage of this department because let me tell you that this What kind of job profile is there which includes service to the society as well as job security.

So friends, if you people are willing to do a job in the Kerala Public Service Commission Fire and Rescue Services Department, then in this post, the profile and career will be explained in detail and you will definitely stay till the end of this article, here you are in Kerala You can get detailed information about PSC Fireman Job Profile 2023.

At present, unemployment in the country has reached its peak, people are suffering from unemployment, students are also facing a lot of problems because the vacancy is not coming in the right way, so there is a lot of fighting in the job.

Meanwhile, a big news has come for you, if you want to get a job in Kerala PSC Fireman Job Profile, then you will stay till the end of this article, here you will be told in detail.

Kerala PSC Fireman Job Profile 2023

Friends, if you want to do a government job, and especially in the state of Kerala, then you have got a golden opportunity and leaving this golden chance can be stupid for you because Fire and Rescue Service in Kerala is the service department of the Government of Kerala.

its main function is It happens to fight with fire and provide relief to people in times of calamities in a state like Kerala. Recruitments have come out in this department and if you are interested to do the job then you can apply online in this department.

Friends, Kerala PSC Fireman Job Profile 2023 has a vacancy for the post of Fireman and this department comes under Fireman, under which the responsibility of fire safety remains and supports the time of disaster, such as building collapse, earthquake, gas leak, oil leak, This department is given the task of taking appropriate action during many natural calamities like road accident, train accident. So friends, if you are willing to do a job in this department, then this will be a golden opportunity for you, here the vacancy has come out for Kerala PSC Fireman job and you can do job in it, while protecting the society, you will also get your job.

In order to be safe, you will be trained in detail about fire accidents and other incidents under Kerala PSC, so that if you have such a problem, then you can solve the problem in the best way, which is common. There will be no loss of life and property of people and people will be benefitted.

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What are the Responsibilities of Kerala PSC Fireman?

Hello friends, if you want to get a job in Kerala Public Service Commission PSC Fireman, then this can be a golden opportunity for you, if you get selected in this department, then there will be a big challenge for you.

Because if you want to get a job in this department If we do any kind of untoward incident like disaster and fire, then it is your responsibility to take care of the lives and property of the people and to provide security to the extent possible. If you apply for the Kerala PSC Fireman post, then you will have to look at the following responsibilities which are as follows-

  1. You will have to work closely with the police administration and the ambulance, so that in case of emergency, you will have to reach people safely.
  2. If there is an emergency somewhere and if you go to rescue at that time, then you will need to take care of these things along with the equipment that remains.
  3. If there is an emergency somewhere and if a fire breaks out, then for fire safety, you have to first inspect the building and then implement the safety standards so that people’s lives and property can be reduced.
  4. In an emergency like fire, if the situation becomes more controlled, then at that time you will have to try your best to control the situation and along with that use whatever fire extinguisher equipment and things are available in a proper way.
  5. For fire fighting and emergency medicine and how to fight the situation in a critical situation, you must participate in disaster response training or when exercises are conducted in classes so that you can protect people’s lives and property in a better way. In a situation like.
  6. If you work as a fireman and your performance is good, if you handle things in the best way, then your promotion can also happen after a few days and you can go to a bigger post.
  7. If you become fireman then after your promotion you can also become leading fireman and after becoming leading fireman if your performance is good there then you can go to the post of assistant station officer after that according to your performance You can also be made the biggest post station officer of this department, so you should do any work in the best way so that your promotion is also good and you can also go to a good post.
  8. If your post goes up a lot like station officer becomes in fireman then you will be given a very good salary but one thing is sure if your post goes up a lot then you will have a lot of responsibilities then before Only you have to understand things in the best way so that later on you may not face any kind of problem.

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