Top 10 IPS Officer in India 2023?

Top 10 IPS Officer in India

Hello friends, welcome to you in this article, today we will tell you about the 10 best IPS officers of India through this article, if you are preparing for UPSC then this news can be important for you because if you are preparing for UPSC If you are preparing, then you will be curious to know who is the top ten IPS officer of India because you will try to bring that feeling in yourself by knowing their strategy and their actions, so stay tuned in this article.

But you will be given detailed and complete information about who are the best 10 IPS officers of India 2023. Friends, our country is a constitutional country and in our country nothing works without the constitution, in our country IPS officers are not only for the state, but they also make the biggest contribution in making the country and the people of the country feel safe.

Due to having good IPS officers in India, you people are safe, IPS officers reduce the graph of corruption and crime, so this news will be important for you if you also prepare for UPSC and want to become an IPS officer. So you already get information about what happens by becoming an IPS officer and what is their job, then maybe it will be good for you, then friends stay till the end of this article, here you will get the top ten IPS of India. Detailed information will be given about the officers who are up to 2023.

Friends, Indian Police Service in our country is considered to be one of the most prestigious services of our country. There are three all India services in our country, IPS, IAA, IFS. Considered the best of all.

As the ips recruitment process is highly competitive and you have to work very hard to qualify this exam Indian Police Service are associated with different branches in which the officers are posted on the post as per their choice so today you will get our Through this short article, detailed information will be given about the Top Ten IPS Officers of India in 2023,

so you must have stayed till the end of this article, here you will get correct and accurate information.

Friends, if you feel safe in the country, then the biggest contribution is made by the IPS officer of our country because it is highly respected because of its commitment to the society and it is the work of solving all the complicated matters that remain. For this they have to do so many investigations so that they can take the right decision.

India’s Top 10 IPS Officers 2023

Friends, the Indian Police Service is considered to be the largest civil service of law enforcement in India and it is a cadre based service and the law and order of our country rests on them only.

In our country the IPS officer is given a rank and designation which is Their relative rank is considered among the IPS officers, so today through this article you will be told about the top ten IPS officers of India in 2023 which are as follows-

  1. Shivdeep Vaman Lande
  2. Ajit Kumar Doval
  3. Aftab Ahmed Khan
  4. Safin Hasan
  5. Sanjukta Parashar
  6. AK Ravi Krishna
  7. Arif Shaikh
  8. Dr Nazrul Islam
  9. K VijayKumar
  10. Rupa Modgil

Now we are giving you small information about all these IPS officers, you will definitely remain till the end of this article.

  • Shivdeep Vaman Lande: –

Shivdeep Waman Lande is a famous and well-known IPS officer and has also been honored with many awards. Till now he has played his role in the Indian Police Service for more than 20 years, currently he is serving as Deputy Inspector General, C Division Bihar.

Fulfilling When he was the SP of Patna City, he had arrested many notorious criminals there, also known as Dabangg and Singham for his actions. His most important thing is that he donates 80% of his salary to those who are in need. He is known for his selfless deeds.

  • Ajit Kumar Doval: –

IPS officer Ajit Kumar Doval is the National Security Advisor of India. Considered a key figure in the country’s national security establishment, he was a former director of the Intelligence Bureau and a career intelligence officer. In 2014, Ajit Kumar Doval was serving as the National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister. In 2017, he played an important role in several high profile cases including the India-China stand off.

  • Aftab Ahmed Khan:-

One of the famous IPS officers of India, especially considered to be anti-terrorist, he also established ATS in 1990 to fight terrorism and organized crime in the country.

  • Safin Hasan:-

Safin Hasan is considered to be the youngest IPS officer in an Indian Police Service.

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  • Sanjukta Parashar: –

Considered to be an intelligent and brave IPS officer or the first woman IPS officer of Assam, she had arrested many terrorists. He played an important role in controlling the long-running conflict between the Bodo tribe and illegal Bangladeshi militants.

  • AK Ravi Krishna:-

One of India’s well-known IPS officer who is a super cop in Andhra Pradesh, Kapatrala village had decided to adopt, since then he had come into limelight, he is known for infamously giving life imprisonment to many people.

  • Arif Sheikh:-

This is a senior IPS officer, he has many ways to fight crime in the state. He started the Har Head Helmet scheme, which gave a different inspiration to the people of Chhattisgarh. She had distributed 16000 helmets within 6 hours. She was honored with the ACP Award for Motherland Security in Philadelphia and the Security Was India Award by the ICC Award for Women’s Safety.

  • Dr. Nazrul Islam: –

He is a well-known IPS officer of India, he is an IPS officer of Bengal, he has established many educational institutions including engineering colleges, it is quite famous for this.

  • K Vijay Kumar :-

He is a retired Indian Police Service officer from India, specially served as the head of Tamil Nadu’s Special Task Force, a team of which ran Operation Cocoon to kill Veerappan.

  • Rupa Modgil:-

This is a well-known woman IPS officer of India who has been fighting corruption in the prison system for the last several years.

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