Twitter got banned! Elon Musk took a big gamble, now everything happened @X


Twitter got banned! Elon Musk took a big gamble, now everything happened @X

(Twitter got banned!) Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter, many changes are being seen. Sometimes fit, sometimes people. Now you will be surprised to know that its name itself has been changed. Its new name is now @X. The names of the handle of any account related to Twitter have also been changed, so before that the account has also been changed.

(Twitter got banned!) Has the platform changed since Elon Musk bought Twitter? Every day some new change is seen on Twitter. It had earlier changed its services, changed the logo, now it has changed the name of Twitter.

(Twitter got banned!) The company is converting all Twitter accounts with its name to X. The official announcement of the name change was made on Monday itself, where the name of the Twitter account was first changed to X. The logo of its bad platform was also replaced with X. Now Twitter handle has also been deleted. Which users are getting very upset.

(Twitter got banned!) On Monday late night, Elon Musk indicated this change and told that soon the new name and logo would be made live. The handles of Twitter and other related accounts are also being replaced with X. This includes Twitter handles such as Business, Support, Creators and Sports. to (Twitter got banned!)

(Twitter got banned!) Musk’s company has also changed to On the other hand, if you open, then this URL will redirect you to Although still the main URL of Twitter is the same old i.e.

(Twitter got banned!) Along with this, the company has closed the old official handle of Twitter. The company has written in the bio of that handle that this account is no longer active. Follow @x for more updates.

Elon Musk has already told the plan…

(Twitter got banned!) Musk had cleared his plan at the time of buying Twitter. He had said that buying Twitter would prove to be a big step towards the beginning of X. Twitter has been in loss for a long time and Elon Musk wants to make it a profitable company. This is the reason why continuous changes are being made in the company after the Twitter deal.

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(Twitter got banned!) Initially, Musk closed the account of many big officials including the then CEO Parag Agarwal. After this, they have made Twitter’s verification badge i.e. Blue Tick a part of paid service. Twitter Blue subscription was already present, but Musk has made blue tick verification a part of Twitter Blue.

(Twitter got banned!) Not only this, Musk has also started revenue sharing on the platform. Under this, the company is sharing a part of the revenue with the users. This revenue is visible through the advertisements appearing in the reply of his tweet.

Musk bought Twitter company for 45 billion

(Twitter got banned!) Elon Musk bought it in October last year for $ 45 billion, which was a big deal. Musk started making changes to from day one. This includes incident to the company’s man power and removal of blue ticks free of cost. Apart from this, started Blue Subscription Service.

What will happen to Twitter App?

(Twitter got banned!) Twitter’s Old Logo is still being used on the Twitter App. These changes are being made only in the web version. Even is visible in the URL of internet search browser. In such a situation, many questions are yet to be answered.

what to say tweet? (Twitter got banned!)

(Twitter got banned!) Twitter posts are called tweets, so the big question arises as to what the tweet will be called if it is named X, will it be renamed. The company has not yet made any official announcement regarding this. No, Mask has told that it will prove to be more effective than the earlier Twitter. There will be such an app from where people will also earn.

old logo on app icon (Twitter got banned!)

(Twitter got banned!) The old logo is visible on the Twitter App on Android and iOS platforms. The interface of the app is also based on the old design, in which the blue color bird is visible. Now @X will run on Twitter with the same name. The services of the app have also been changed. Mask has said that people have to get used to it, later everything will be like before.

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